Metalwork Materials

We here at Stallion Metal Works utilise a wide range of metals in our fabrication and design, applying many  years of practical experience to our works.

Choosing the right metal for any given product is critical and sometimes it helps to think outside the 'typical design' box and look at things from a more practical perspective. We evaluate the needs of every project  that we design or fabricate and feedback detailed information and guidance to clients on the ideal materials to ensure durability, stability and quality. 

Mild steel and stainless steel fabrications

One of the most commonly used metals whether sheets, billets, bars, tubes, wires or sections, steel is a great material to work with, extremely tough and with coatings such as galvanising it can survive almost any weather.

AluminIum Metalworks

Aluminum is one of the lightest engineering metals, having strength to weight ratio superior to steel. By utilizing various combinations of its advantageous properties such as strength, lightness, corrosion resistance, recyclability and formability, aluminum is being employed in an ever-increasing number of applications. This array of products ranges from structural materials through to thin packaging foils.



Brass fabricated components

A solid all round metal which is particularly noted for high corrosion resistance, making it a great choice in marine and wet applications or hygiene dependent sectors such as medical or food. We've also made many sculptures in brass.

Copper metalwork fabrication

Great for architectural applications but truly outstanding in electrical and electronic components as a highly conductive material, copper also has the adaptability of a wide range of alloys including copper/zinc, copper/tin, copper/aluminum, copper/silicon and copper/nickel.

Specialist guidance

Our design and fabrication team bring the expertise so you don’t have to, just tell us what you need and our engineers can take you through every other aspect of the fabrication process. Whether using stainless steel tubes or copper and brass sheets, we guarantee the best possible results