• Projects for

    Interior Design

Staircases & Handrails


Basic floating wooden staircase

Basic modern solid wood and steel staircase


Basic stainless steel handrail

Black powder coated handrail

Brushed stainless steel handrail



Brushed stainless steel spiral staircase with wooden steps



Commercial staircase stainless steel handrail

Custom designed modern staircase with wooden steps

Custom designer handrail with wooden top



Custom stainless steel and glass handrail



Designer commercial handrails in stainless steel

Designer floating staircase with wooden steps

Galvinised custom deck handrail



Glass and stainless steel handrail



Indoor glass and wood stainless steel staircase

Indoor mirror stainless steel handrail

Indoor powder coated handrail



Marble staircase with stainless steel handrails



Mirror finished stainless steel handrail with wooden supports

Modern glass and powder coated steel handrails

Modern wood and powder coated staircase



Painted port-a-cabin staircase



Polished stainless steel handrail

Powder coated boxtube modern fencing

Powder coated designer handrail



Poweder coated external spiral staircase



Powder coated staircase with stainless steel handrail

Powder coated steel and wood staircase

Signature designer spiral painted staircase



Space-saver powder coated spiral staircase (only 1sqm required)



Stainless steel handrail

Wooden Staircase with stainless steel handrail



Computer Repair Stations

Custom Designer Coffee table



Custom Kitchen Cooking tray


Designer chair (before upholstry)

Glass bar table with glass top



Glass table and stand



Glass table base


Glass table stand (before powder coating)



Glass table stand



Jewelry Display table for jewelry store



Modern Samosa Stand


Onion Stand



Shop dress display hanger



Stainless steel table



Stainless steel Tables and shelves


TV Stand



Ironmongery & Accessories


Decrative door stoppers

Decrative plated door acessories


Decrative plated door handle

Gold plated door details

Polished metal door handle



Stainless steel brackets