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    Health & Safety

Safety and Guards


Bicycle park barrier and lock anchor

Bowling equipment safety barrier



Carpark parking bumper


Factory forklift walk way barrier

Factory machine



Factory safety protection barriers



Factory steel safety barriers


Machinery safety guard



Machinery safety guard2



Main DB Safety Bollards



Meter room and pump filter security cage


Protection covers for outdoor split AC units



Raised pipe inspection platform with ladder



Safety street bollards



Snack bar forklift safety barrier


Storage rack bumper barrier



Structural support safety bollards



Typical safety barrier sample



Water tank safety barrier




Walkways and Grating


Custom raised platform (unfinshed)

Custon Aluminium walkway


Gratings for elevated walkways

Metal Walkway with staircase and louvred trellis shade

Raised factory walkway with staircase



Safety Walkway for pipes on roof



Walkway bridge for roof ducting